Aquaponic Farming Benefits

Aquaponics 4 You ReviewEven expert gardeners find it very hard to grow enough food for their tables. Food bills have been a great challenge to many as a lot of effort and patience is required throughout the growing season. The weather too keeps fluctuating, and this makes it even impossible to grow crops or even rear some animals. Checkout the Aquaponics 4 You review to learn how to put more food on the table by growing your own vegetables and fruits in your backyard.

The basics of growing plants lies behind having enough land with fertile soil to sustain the plants. In addition to this, there should be enough water, either rain of irrigation water, to keep the plants thriving. These are the main factors that help succeed in farming.

Due to these factors and many more, most people turn from budding farming to using insecticides and inorganic fertilizers to grow more food. This makes them fail miserably in their quest to produce organic food for their table, or customers.

Alternatively, you do not need a vast land to grow your own crops. Aquaponics is a proven way of growing organic crops/vegetables and animals (fish) without necessarily having to buy fertilizer or pesticides. This is by far the best way to grow crops and rear animals within a confined area at home with appropriate aquaponics supplies.

Aquaponics differ greatly with traditional farming methods in that, you do not have to plant plants to grow them. Symbiotic relationship makes it possible to grow these crops and rear fish in the same room, and be able to harvest abundantly from a small piece of land.

The initial step in aquaponic farming starts with rearing fish in a tank. Fish such as Koi, Crappie, tilapia and Bluegill are the most preferred for this farming. With the fish being fed and reared in the tank, their waste products accumulated over time makes perfect fertilizer for growing crops. Seeds are then introduced in the tank to take advantage of the nitrogenous waste produced by the fish.

Once the seeds start germinating, they cleanse the water by using up the nitrogenous waste, and in turn release oxygen into the water hence purifying it. This makes the water a perfect habitat for the fish. This symbiotic relationship between the plants and fish makes aquaponic farming to thrive in confined areas.

The good thing with this type of farming is the fact that, you do not need big a land for cultivation, neither do you need fertilizer nor pesticides. Fish feed on larvae that may be growing in the plant roots, while the plants benefit from nutrients in the water.

The best plants for this type of farming are legumes, vegetables and root vegetables. Start your aquaponics farm today and start enjoying real organic food.

4 Common Myths about Eyesight

8e0beb3268d2cacbb386c6c5c358890cThe secret to staying healthy and strong lays in eating right, exercising, and following the right lifestyle. Where is the issue of eyesight in all these? People tend to get alarmed about their eyes once their sight begins to have problems. The need to think about the health of eye and sight is vital. People have various myths about vision. Take a look at four common myths about the maintenance of good vision.

Myth #1. Once you need glasses, you should constantly wear them

Yes, glasses aid to give you a better vision, but they are not necessarily a full-time wear. Putting on the glasses all the time does little to improve vision, the reverse of this might even be a possible outcome.

Near-sighted stress is a common occurrence for nearsighted people, more so when they use their glasses or contacts when doing task at an up close range of sight. Near-sighted stress is a leading cause of weakening of eyesight when the eyes are put under too much visual work.

The same outcomes also apply in the case of farsighted vision.

Myth #2. Those under 40 years can do without an eye test

Reasons for getting the eyes testing if you are under 40 years are many. One such reason to reduce the risk of eye diseases such as glaucoma that can start earlier in life.

The importance of getting the eyes tested before you hit 40 years cannot be over emphasized. Do not wait till you hit 40 to go for the test for it might be too late to deal with the disease that might have been avoided if tested early.

The best approach to dealing with any disease, including an eye disease, is to act or catch it early. Prevention is better than cure.

Myth #3. The eyes get damaged when sitting too close to the TV

Research shows no evidence that the distance from the TV has a huge impact on vision. Sitting far from the TV might even cause damage especially when watching the TV for too long than when sitting too close.

Watching too much TV has a negative impact, causing near-sighted stress, the principle cause for cases of nearsightedness. The eyes need adequate time to rest from concentrating at one point. So do something else that will get you off the TV.

If you or your child is sitting too close to the TV, then myopia would be a likely vision problem that need to be addressed.

Myth #4. Reading in dim light weakens eyesight

The notion that reading in poor lit conditions damages the eyesight is wrong. Consider the ancient people, they spent most of their night-reading hours in dim lit conditions. This was a time before the invention of electricity or the TV. Reading was a great way of spending the night with family, and people did it under the candlelight and still has good eyesight. Take a look at natural clear vision review to learn how to improve your vision.

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Do It Yourself: How to Construct a Storage Shed

Firewood Shed PlansMany people have too much “stuff” and not enough room to store it all. If your garage is overflowing, a storage shed could be the answer to your problems. A shed is a great option for storing quite a bit of outdoor equipment and toys, including lawnmowers, bikes, and ladders. Instead of cluttering up the garage, you can transfer some of your necessary equipment to the shed.

Are you new to do-it-yourself projects? If so, purchasing ready-made my shed plans is often your best option. Be aware that you may need a building permit prior to starting work on the shed. Check with your town ahead of time so you know what you need to do. Once you have all your ducks in a row, use the following tips to help you build a shed that you can be proud of!

1. Choose a Location

It sounds simple to pick a building site, but if you choose incorrectly, the entire project could be a wash. Look for a plot of land that is fairly flat and does not get too wet.

2. Know Your Building Inspector

The building inspector has an intimidating title, but he is someone that you want to know. They have a lot of knowledge that can come in handy as you are getting ready to put up your shed. This individual will look at your plans, evaluate your yard and talk to you about the construction process. Their advice can save you from making a number of mistakes.

3. Spend Time on the Foundation

The foundation of the shed is important. Build it using solid blocks so that you are sure the foundation can support the weight of the building. When it comes to the skids, look for pressure-treated wood. Be aware that this wood will touch the ground, so it should be able to serve that purpose. Follow all of your local building codes when it comes to spacing out the timbers as well.

4. Make Sure There is Circulation

You do not want your shed to rot. Therefore, construct it about half a foot from the ground, allowing for circulation under the building. That circulation is key to ensuring that moisture does not build up and cause problems.

5. Construct a Solid Floor

Choose pressure-treated lumber for the floor of your shed, which will help protect it from rot.

6. Make Sure There is Space

Do not build your shed too close to any other structures or trees/plants. There should be at least three feet of room on all sides of the shed, so that the shed is able to adequately dry out. A little sun shining down makes a big difference!

7. Place Your Windows Carefully

Windows play a crucial role in any shed, allowing light to flow into the space. Aim to put in windows on both the east and south facing walls. Also, consider installing skylights for maximum light.

8. Construct Roof Trusses

Particularly if you have never built a shed before, it is not easy to get the roof framed. Instead, try constructing roof trusses on the deck of the floor. When you are ready, and after the walls are up, move the trusses into position.

9. Two Doors

If you are building a big shed, it is best to put in two doors.

10. Ask for Help

Just because this is a do-it-yourself project, that does not mean you have to do it ALL yourself. You may need the help of an excavator or a landscaper to get the ground ready for construction. Also, if you decide to put in lights, hire an electrician to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Building a firewood shed is an easy way to start with simple DIY firewood shed plans

The Evolution and Rebirth of the Barbershop

DSC00265During the 18th century wig makers rose in popularity and had what was widely known as their golden age. Following the French revolution however, wigs fell by the wayside and natural hair became king. In courts and parliaments however, powdered wigs were still widely used, at least for a little while. Things were about to change.

Barbershops existed in those early days, of course, but they served as far more than just simple barber shops. They actually worked in the art of bloodletting, which is an old method of removing blood from an individual in the hopes of ridding them of infection. In addition to that, barbers would handle dental extractions. This of course was handled mainly in towns where medical professionals were nowhere to be found, but in 1850, the practice was phased out. Re-organization of the profession would see it based solely on hair care.

Following the second half of the nineteenth century, babershops could be found in all cities and in all small towns. Barbers quickly gained social prestige and as time went on new standard and regulations would be developed to make the profession more reliable.

In 1886, in the city of Columbus Ohio, the Barbers’ Protective Union was founded, and the year 1887 would see the founding of the Journeymen barbers International Union in the city of Buffalo, new York. With their new associations, various barber schools was founded, and in order to a barber, one had to obtain these licenses as well as substantial training and education.

It was only a matter of time before science would begin to play a role in the profession, and the scientific interests would be studied by a number of different professionals including:

-and more…

In 1924 the Associated Master Barbers of America (AMBA) was founded in Chicago, though it would later be remained to hair International. Barbershops in fact became so popular that they were offered before the boarding of transoceanic cruises so that passengers could look their best before crossing the ocean.

Throughout the 20th century barbershops were widely split into two branches, one for men and one for women. Times change however, as did hairstyles.

Near the end of the 1970’s men began to wear longer hair, and the traditional male barbershops simply were not equipped to deal with it. Barbershops would respond by offering services to both genders, and unisex barbershops became more common in the 80’s.

Today almost all barbershops offer services to both genders, though you can still find a few holdouts. Barbershops have changed greatly over the centuries, and they are sure to change even more in the future. It’s hard to tell what that future holds, but you can be rest assured that it will be quite interesting, and it will evolve with the times.

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How to Cut Costs for Your Garden Shed Project

garden shed plansThe type of shed you want to build, the material to use, and how you handle the project from start to finish, determines the cost of building a garden shed. You might have quality materials at a cheap price, or even plan to do a simple low cost shed but you end up spending over a thousand dollars due to mistakes.

In fact, most garden shed projects have high costs due to mistakes, which cost money when correcting them. It is thus important to have proper garden shed building plans that will guide you on what to do from start to finish.

Right Building Plans
Getting good garden shed plans should not seem like an extra cost. In fact, it is the opposite. Yes, you might need to buy the plans but they will be a vital tool guiding you on what you should do. Plans will help you to make the shed in the right time, using the right materials and procedures thus saving you on both money and materials. The clear instructions on what to can even help you make some cost saving decision prior to starting the project if you get the building plans in advance.

A Lean to Shed
The lean to shed is one cost efficient garden shed that would be a good choice especially when working with a limited budget. Just as the name suggests, the shed leans on side of the main house. This lowers the cost of building the garden shed since it eliminates the need to erect a fourth wall. It also has other benefits a simple connection of power to the shed lowering the wiring and other expenses of bringing electricity to the shed.

Wood Is the Cheapest Material
Wood is a common material in many construction projects. It is relatively cheap and easy to work with, which is why wood is a good choice of materials for building the garden shed. You can use various types of wood for your garden shed project, each offering a different quality and benefits. Good quality processed wood is a long-term investment. It will construct a shed that will last for a long time without any damage and occasional repairs. Bear in mind that you need to protect wood from humid and wet condition, which you can do by giving it a good coat of paint.

Building Tools
Opting to buy the building tools is costly option for handling the building project. Renting the tools is a cheaper option, which will probably save you hundreds of dollars on buying new tools for the project. You should nonetheless make sure you check on the state of the tools making sure they are in good working condition.

Investing some time to plan for the garden shed project helps to cut costs. Bear in mind the making cost cutting compromises do not mean you compromise on the quality of the materials to use for the project. Getting cheap materials is a good call but they should be of good quality. Work with materials that are sturdy and highly durable so that you can also save some money in the long-term.

Do Squirrel Proof Feeders Keep Squirrels Away From The Seeds

Squirrel Proof FeedersYou’ll find plenty of squirrel proof feeders, but do any of them really deliver the results? Squirrels are smart, acrobatic, and are efficient in jumping almost 12 feet when intent on eating those carefully positioned seeds – making them a nemesis to keep from your patio bird feeder.

Squirrels don’t just consume the seed at the feeder; they even intimidate birds from perching there and definitely will produce substantial destruction to the feeder due to their body-weight and intense feeding.

Squirrel proof feeders are usually just the thing for enabling birds and squirrels to relish co-existence while avoiding damage and those squirrels from robbing the bird seed. But bear in mind whilst you investigate bird feeders that no Squirrel proof feeder is 100% guaranteed to keep every squirrel out of the feeder.

Those nuisance squirrels are extremely motivated when it comes to eating and those critters can eat a lot more bird seed than a small bird.

Squirrels by way of learning from mistakes can find out how to empty out a bird feeder as quickly as you can actually fill it. Once you first put up the feeder it might be amusing – but as time passes, the price tag on frequently filling the feeder can add up.

Several veterans of the struggle against squirrels warn us that if those pesky critters need to get to the seeds within the feeder bad enough, nothing will prevent them. But other folks that delight in viewing those small birds feed in the back yard say that there are ways to squirrel proof the feeder.

As you think of acquiring and were to put your bird feeder don’t forget that squirrels can jump from 7 to 10 feet from one object to another. They can leap vertically up to 5 to 6 feet. From above, squirrels can also drop 9 to 10 feet to the bird feeders.

Squirrel proof bird feeders that seem to function include metal cage feeders, dome shaped feeders, weighted bird feeders, and motorized bird feeders,

Here are a couple simple recommendations that can help you challenge those annoying squirrels. Contemplate installing a Baffle on the bird cage, do not place your bird feeder in the territory of those pesky squirrels, or mount the bird feeder on a pole for squirrel proof feeders.

5 Ways To Improve Piano Playing

learn to play pianoIf you’re a piano player that is looking for some great piano study tips in order to improve your playing, look no further. These tips will help you to play with the best of the masters. Whether you want to play jazz, rock or something in between, these 5 tips will help you to play beautifully every time.

1. Find a Well Qualified Teacher

Avoid the trap that many fall into of not having a teacher. You need a teacher. Grab your local phone book, paper, Craiglist, or news reels and find a local well qualified teacher. You’ll learn much more quickly and you’ll play better in time than if you’re self taught.

2. Practice, A Lot

Avoid practicing when you’re tired or unable to focus. If you’re not able to concentrate, you won’t play well.

Practice on a regular basis. You’ll get better results if you practice at least once per day for about 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Be Realistic

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be realistic and set realistic goals. Choose songs that are right for your preferred genre. If you’re studying Czerny etude, learn another page of it each day and practice practice practice until you can play it right.

4. Improve Sight Reading

If some music notes seem more challenging, work on your sight reading skills and finely tune them. The quicker you can read the note and play the tune the faster you will learn. Make it a routine to memorize these notes.

5. Read Literature Of The Composer

Read about Mozart’s sonates, don’t just play them. The more you learn about the composer, the more you can play like they intended the song to sound. You’ll give the song the character that the composer meant for it to have. Learn more about the composer and you’ll find that their approach leaps out at you and you’ll be better able to duplicate their intent for the music. You’ll play with a passion that they intended for the song.

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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Stop Junk Food Cravings

Lose Body FatHave you ever met a dessert that you didn’t love? Perhaps you prefer to eat salty potato chips or fries. Do you consider yourself a junk food junkie? No matter which way you look at it, you over indulge? Are you loading up your body with calories that don’t provide any real nutrition?

Junk food is okay to eat in moderation. It’s okay to eat on special occasions. It’s when those cravings hit you at inconvenient times or when they just don’t seem to go away that you begin to recognize that you may have a problem.

As unlikely as it may seem, junk food cravings can be tamed. Here you will learn five excellent proven strategies for fighting off those junk food cravings and help you lose body fat.

1. Control Your Blood Sugar Spikes and Crashes

When stuffing yourself with those highly refined carbs, which most junk food is loaded with, your blood sugar will rapidly climb. It is as your body processes these carbohydrates quickly that you will experience that blood sugar crash.

When your blood sugar is low, it makes you hungrier. This is when you want to go out and eat more junk food.

In order to avoid this, you’ll need to eat smaller but more frequent meals during the day. Avoid skipping meals; per recent studies, dieters are much more likely to binge on junk food if they have not eaten in several hours.

To knock those cravings right out of your system, eat healthy fats with protein and complex carbs. A great example would be a tablespoon of peanut butter on a slice of whole grain bread. This is much more nutritious and much more satisfying that junk food.

2. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners As Well As MSG

Our bodies produce insulin when we eat sweet foods even of those foods containing a sugar substitute.

In 2004 a British Medical Journal discovered this and that eating those artificial sweeteners deprives your body of the real sugar which in turn makes your body crave even more sweet things next time you eat.

MSG or Mono Sodium Glutamate, is a flavor enhancer that is found in a lot of prepared foods today at your local grocer and in restaurants.

MSG has been found to make you have incessant food cravings like when you eat at a Chinese restaurant and feel full, but you’re suddenly starving an hour or so later.

It’s important to note that many of these Chinese restaurants are beginning to offer MSG free food. However, other foods that you may eat unsuspectingly may contain some MSG. These foods are such foods as grated Parmesan cheese or ready made soups. Always read your labels.

While it may be almost impossible to eliminate all artificial flavor enhancers, you can take the initiative to reduce those that you do eat.

Always rely upon natural foods that you make yourself. Avoid drinking diet soda’s and instead rely upon water or decaffeinated tea for your hydration.

If it’s something sweet that you’re craving, have something with real sugar in it, just make sure that you are eating it in moderation. If you give your body a little bit now and again you are less likely to have such wild cravings next time you eat.

3. Identify Emotional Eating And The Triggers

Millions of people suffer with emotional eating. Many use it as a way to find fulfillment. Still others use this to soothe themselves if they are in emotional pain. In time, this leads to stronger cravings that are more frequent.

In a study concluded by Kaiser Permanente, they found that keeping a food journal is a great way to combat this problem.

If you record what you are eating, you may be able to identify what brings you to that point and follow the events and the patterns.

4. Cheat

When you’re feeling totally demoralized by a craving that you simply can’t get rid of, cheat a little. Give yourself the permission to indulge now and again. Better to have a half cup of ice cream than to obsess over it for a long time.

Just make sure you get a bit more exercise in that day or reduce calories somewhere else in the day.

5. See Your Doctor

You may have a medical condition such as diabetes if you’re constantly craving something. A quick blood test that is inexpensive can help you to find out what your glucose levels are.

Diabetes is manageable if caught early so always get screened if you have relatives who are diabetic.

Junk food cravings may indeed be lowered by taking care of underlying health issues that may cause them.

What Does He Want?

girlfriend-kissing-her-boyfriend-300x246To be part of a true relationship, you don’t need to be a genius.
The only thing that is really necessary is for you to do your best to love the other individual and hope they will love you back.

However, when you spend lots of time with another person, something happens. You start seeing “invisible truths.” These are the things you start picking up when you start reading between the lines.

These are things he doesn’t ever say out loud. It’s just that you gradually start to realize them.

There are things you now know about – what irritates him
– things that make him happy
– what it is that makes him tick
– what his desires are

I want to remind you just how critical it is to have this information. However, first I want to tell you about something I learned from Geoff Colvin’s book titled “Talent Is Overrated”.

He discusses the stories of business leaders, football stars, golf champions, and chess masters. He explains the process they use to become extraordinary. They do this through focusing on practicing as well as obtaining feedback over time.

What Colvin argues is that a majority of the world’s experts are ordinary individuals who have logged in many hours of focused and disciplined practice. This allows them to see things that others can’t.

For example, let’s look at world champion chess players. They have been able to develop an ability to see -at a glance- patterns on a chessboard as they are walking by it. This is what enables Josh Waitzkin, a chess master, to walk all over a room and play 40 different chess games at the same time versus 40 different chess players at a fundraiser event.

The ability to see patterns is merely one of many different ways that experts are created by disciplined practice over time. When you pay attention to feedback and revise your strategy on a continuous basis it turns you into a expert. You’re able to see patterns emerge that are not visible to other individuals.

How can this information be used to your advantage when it comes to your relationship?

Here is what the common pattern is. You win a man’s heart. You continue to love him, however the effort you put in to try to understand the things he wants significantly declines. At some point, your relationship begins to unravel. Neither one of you knows what to do to fix things. Learn how to find mr right

Most likely what happened is neither you or your partner continued the learning process of discovering what the evolving needs of the other partner were. Over time, relationships evolve and grow. To have the best type of relationship, you need to view the process of figuring out what your partner’s desires are to be an ongoing learning process that over time you can get better at.

You will eventually leave all other women who are interested behind. You will get to the point where you know him so well that you’ll be able to hit targets that others don’t see.

Colvin reports this truth in his “Talent Is Overrated” book. People have a tendency to work hard in any profession during the first eight months or so of working on a job. Their performance then starts to plateau.

Over the first eight months the person strive mentally to improve their skills to perform their job tasks well. However, at some point they stop trying. They’ve reached a level where it feels like they are doing “good enough” so they stop trying to improve.

This is true for auto repair technicians, psychologists, engineers and teachers. Most individual learn just the minimum to get by on. The mold is only broken by a few people. They do this by seeking feedback on a continuous basis and seek opportunities to keep practicing to keep improving and growing.

It isn’t necessary to make use of this information. When you love someone it’s a miracle all on its own. It’s a beautiful thing where expertise is not needed.

However, if you are someone who wants to go above and beyond, my challenge to you is to try and break the mold. Keep working, even after you are in a good relationships. Keep trying to continue to improve your abilities to be in a great partnership with your Mr. Right in ways that will make you the choice that is irresistible and that no other woman will be able to compete with.

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Treatment Of Anxiety In Children

child anxietyParents who have a child or children suffering from acute anxiety can often find themselves troubled, too. Does a parent look to work with a doctor to prescribe a medication to treat the child’s anxiety or should they opt for a natural course of treatment like CBT, also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

How to help a child with anxiety is covered well in a book entitled Scaredies Away.

The choice to opt for medication alone or medication used with CBT is a personal one. However, CBT used in conjunction with medication has proven to be a successful way for treating children’s anxiety. Opt to try CBT without medication at the start. If results are achieved, there will be no need to put your child on prescription medications.

First, you want your child to have his or her situation evaluated by a professional. Both short term and long term goals need to be considered. A great first step towards finding a trusted professional is to ask your child’s doctor for referrals. It is a good idea to have your child undergo a general physical to be certain the anxiety is not being caused by a physical problem or another illness.

You might also set up an appointment with the child’s school guidance or psychology counselor to get advice. When taking these first few steps, ask for referrals to professionals who are trained in CBT.

With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a child who is motivated to curb his or her anxiety will learn that the pain of anxiety and its consequences are greater than its symptoms. Dizziness, sweating, heart palpitations and general uneasiness often lead to a child withdrawing from activities at school and after school that they enjoyed. They may become less social and more desirous of avoiding places and situations that intensify their uncomfortable anxiety symptoms.

This is something that can cause a child to fall prey to depression, which makes treatment more complex. When deciding which option is best for your child, get as much information as you can. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is something that may take your child time to make use of before seeing results. However, once the child realizes he or she can control his or her feelings, it can bring a sense of pride and confidence that well overshadows the anxiety.

You might need to take your child to more than one CBT professional. This is because it is crucial that your child feels comfortable and safe with his or her doctor. You, too, as a parent want to remain as supportive and patient with your child as possible. Talk to his or her doctor once you have selected the right professional. Be sure you understand as much as possible so that you can help them ease out of their habits of anxiety and ease into a life without so much fear and struggle.

Offering your child good reasons to overcome anxiety can be helpful. CBT makes use of exposure to a child’s fears, gently. You can help be ensuring that your child has an open dialogue with you and knows that he or she can get support from you as well as the doctor.

Get as informed as you possibly can before making the decision to have your child treated with CBT alone or in conjunction with medication. CBT is so effective that it is possible to see your child succeed in overcoming anxiety in a relatively short period of time. The important thing is not to delay making this important decision, so that your child’s anxiety does not worsen.

You can find some very good advice on panic away techniques to help your child overcome anxiety.